2014 International Image Festival

The International Image Festival (FINI), is a meeting place to promote, disseminate and appreciate artistic creation and graphic journalism, technology and communication, the classical ideas and debate concerning contemporary aesthetics; meaning and value of images in its various genres, expressions and applications.


FINI has released its 2014 Open Call. The contest’s objective is to acknowledge, promote, encourage and diffuse works, whose subject encompasses the diverse genre, expressions and applications of photography, digital fine art and documentary video elaborated by professionals and students from Mexico as well as foreign artists.


This open call is directed to Visual Artists, Photography and Documentary Video professionals and students with the purpose of exposing either the captured or produced works. For more information, go to: http://www.uaeh.edu.mx/fini/


The Festival’s fourth edition, to be held from May 2th to the 9th 2014, will have ‘Childhood’ as its topic. The main objective is to show Children’s hopes, needs and reality nowadays in such wide multi-ethnic diversity, and cultural and social spheres; to expose and divulge this through the captured images, professional photos, digital fine art and video works of either childhood happiness and energy towards life or pain on living in an unfair society which sometimes infringes on Children’s rights.


Following its art vocation, the Festival demonstrates its art’s diverse and multidisciplinary character and the necessary weighing of a social reality that concerns us all.