Board and Committees

Officers & board members who reflect a wide range of agencies, businesses, community programs, employers, & educational institutions, & whose experience & leadership make Latinos Unidos a leading organization for supporting Hispanics & Latinos.

Latinos Unidos Officers:

  • Lena Avila-Robison,  President and Founder
  • Margo Kromminga, Vice President
  • Silvia Flores, Secretary 
  • Chris Villalobos, Treasurer

Board of  Directors

  • Belen Ceballos
  • Betty Olivencia
  • Caitlyn Dixson
  • Diego Verdugo
  • Juan Segovia
  • Lilia Douglas
  • Linda Taube
  • Mary Chapman
  • Stephanie Daggett
  • Susie Barrantes

Committee Chairs

  • Lena Avila-RobisonEvents
  • Silvia Flores, Chris VillalobosMembership
  • Caitlyn Dixson, Stephanie Daggett, Webmaster
  • Margo KrommingaCollege Liason
  • Juan Segovia, Caitlyn DixsonPublic Relations

Scholarship Judges

  • Eva Pratt, Chair, DMACC
  • Jennifer Nostrala, Simpson College
  • Oscar Reynaga, Central College