Message from Ed Fallon!

Dear Friends,

The Climate March is wearing on me. Walking 15 miles a day is grinding me down. I’ve lost weight. My lips are a war zone, victims of the hot sun and dry air. My nails are chipped so bad I can’t pick guitar. The novelty of sleeping in a tent wore off in the Mojave, as did the novelty of bathing with a quart of cold water.

And the weather! Sure, we’ve had some beautiful days. But there is simply no joy in having my tent – and my nose, ears and eyes – invaded by sand hurled by 30-40 mile per hour winds. Sometimes it’s too cold to sleep, and in the morning it’s too cold to work one’s fingers. If I’m late for dinner there may be little or nothing left. I’ve devoured over 100 peanut butter sandwiches since the start of the March.

Sometimes, I don’t know how I’ve done it, yet I’ve walked every step of the way – nearly 1,000 miles. I am determined, God willing, to walk every step of the next 2,000 miles.

When I reflect on why I’m marching, quitting is simply not an option. As I walk through deserts and over mountains and talk with people along the way, I think of the thousands across the globe who have already suffered and died because of climate disruption. I think of the lives – both human and other – that will be lost if we fail to tackle the climate crisis.

Although I am tired and sore, although this March often feels like a sacramental act of penance and self deprivation, I know that the only option of conscience is to continue, to persevere, to finish. I believe strongly that the message we marchers carry on the road to Washington, DC is the most important message America needs to hear today.

I am digging deep in this often grueling coast-to-coast odyssey. I ask you to dig deep as well, one more time, to make sure we have the funds to get to Nebraska and beyond. Since my first appeal three weeks ago, you and other supporters have donated $24,000. That is nearly halfway to our goal of raising $50,000 by the end of May! For that, I and the other marchers thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please click here to donate, and as you do, consider the following:

– It costs $200 per day to feed 40 marchers;
– It costs $1,000 to sponsor an environmentally-friendly EcoCommode;
– It costs $2,500 per month to rent, power and maintain our vehicles;
– It costs $10,000 per state to organize route, campsites, permits, rallies and events.

Please take a moment to do what you can.  Share this letter with others, and with organizations or a church you are involved with. Ask them to pitch in as well, by throwing a house party or passing the hat at a church service or event.  Consider taking your summer vacation with the March (in addition to the hard times I’ve discussed above, there truly are many wonderful moments). And know that your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement mean so much to me, and to all the marchers.

And please tune-in to the Fallon Forum, live MondayThursday from 6:00-6:30 pm. I’ll give daily updates about the March and talk with some of the fascinating people I meet along the way. We’ll also discuss Iowa-specific issues, including: Bernie Sanders for President? Tom Vilsack for Vice President? Listen and watch online Call-in at (515) 244-0077 to add your voice to the dialogue. Podcasts available after the program. And catch the Fallon Forum Wednesdays on KHOI 89.1 (Ames) from 4:00-5:00 pm and KPVL 89.1 (Postville) from 7:00-8:00 pm.

Thanks! – Ed
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