Message from Justice for Our Neighbors

ALL of the nearly 200 children in Iowa who have fled the violence in Central America are on the “rocket docket”.  This means that when their immigration hearing date comes up this month, next month, or in Jan or Feb., these kids will be deported UNLESS they have an attorney.  With an attorney, these children have a five times better chance of getting a favorable decision from the immigration judge.  Without an attorney, it’s almost certain deportation. That is why it’s so important for JFON to be able to raise at least $80,000 this month so they can hire a FT attorney and PT legal assistant to be able to take on these cases.  JFON currently has a waiting list and is working w/ other immigration lawyers to take on cases when they can.  JFON is also conducting a training on Nov 21 to recruit private bar attorneys to help, but they also need a immigration attorney to handle all the cases. 
We’ve raised $34,000 thus far and are well on our way to reaching the goal!  Hosts are being recruited now for the Jan 28 event but we need to confirm their names (donations or pledges accepted) by Dec 1 to make sure they are listed on the invitation.   We hope you will complete the attached form and return it to JFON this month to be a host or donor.  Any amount is appreciated and will help us reach our goal!  Then plan to attend the Jan 28 event to celebrate the difference we are making together in the lives of these children by giving them a chance for a safer and better life in America! Thanks so much for your help!”