Wednesday June 4th 4:30 Fleur Cinema come see Who is Dayani Cristal! Reserve ticket now!

THE BASICS: Who is Dayani Cristal? humanizes the immigration debate as award-winning actor Gael García Bernal takes audiences on a journey to uncover the identity of the body of an undocumented migrant. During his travels, García Bernal uncovers the struggles, fears and motivations faced by real migrants in Mexico and Central America and inspires audiences to join in the debate on immigration reform and migrant rights.

In Des Moines, help change the conversation for millions of migrants.

When: Wednesday, JUNE 4th at 4:30 pm at The Fleur Cinema & Cafe

Movie clip:

Our Ask: The International Baccalaureate students at Central Academy-Des Moines Public Schools need your help to confirm the Who is Dayani Cristal? screening here in Des Moines. Please go to to reserve your ticket ASAP. Remember, until we secure a certain number of attendees, we can’t guarantee the film will show.

P.S. Can’t go? Please consider donating a ticket to someone affected by immigration reform or to someone else in your community who wants to see this film.